Foot Care Tips

It's never too early or too late to start caring for your feet.

These tips will go to help your feet in good health;

Bath and clean your feet each day in warm and soapy water, dry thoroughly take care especially when drying between the toes.

Dry skin always needs an application of good moisturising cream all over the foot. Hard skin can be removed by rubbing gently, a pumice stone or foot file are handy, but not if it is over a bony area or joint. If this is the case or if the hard skin is painful, then always consult your Chiropodist.

Keep feet warm and regular exercise will improve circulation

Neatly trim your toenails regularly and remember, use nail clippers. Take care to cut straight across, not too short nor down the corners as this can lead to ingrown nails, again if this occurs consult your Chiropodist.

Buy shoes of the correct fit and size

Take note of any unusual changes in skin temperature or colour.

You can prevent many foot problems before they occur by having regular foot care from your Chiropodist.

Your feet are important, they are the only ones you will ever have.


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